What’s It Like to be a Young Doctor in Australia?

Any doctor, including Dr. Rodney Aziz, will say that medical school and the first few years of practicing as a doctor are extremely difficult. Did you know that two-thirds of medical students faint on the job before they graduate from medical school in Australia? This was how one graduate student started his essay on what it is like to be a medical student in Australia.

Clinical trials in a hospital setting can be a rude awakening. You not only have to learn how to ask the right questions and listen to cues to make accurate diagnoses; you then have to be quizzed about it later by doctors who only want the best to enter their field.

No two days are the same when you work as an intern and later on as a young doctor. You have to confront death head-on, and you’re expected to take advantage of opportunities to learn – even if you feel you are being a voyeur when you stare at someone who is going in for emergency surgery.

Learning how to be a doctor is one of the most stressful things those engaged in it have likely faced in their short lives. The hours are extremely long, you don’t get much sleep, and you face challenges in a healthcare setting that you couldn’t even imagine. The truth is that some people don’t make it through and will move on to other fields.

As a graduate from the University of Melbourne and a doctor who worked in Emergency Medicine for his first ten years after graduation, Dr. Rodney Aziz often reviews his own time then can certainly understand how difficult the journey of being a successful doctor can. But it is well worth it in the end if you can make through it. Today, Dr. Rodney Aziz is a GP who owns his own practice in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Rodney Aziz reviews records and treats locals in his community.

Helping individuals and families stay healthy and treating those who become sick is a responsibility Dr. Rodney Aziz only could have had after taking on the challenges of medical school and the first few years of  being a doctor.

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